Watch Geo Blocked TV abroad via Internet

Anyone who wants to access the media libraries of German television stations abroad via the Internet often only sees an error message instead of a feature film, because foreign IP addresses are barred from many contents.  How to avoid these blocks is explained in our guidebook. You can either use VPN or SmartDNS, the difference is explained at this website.

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Freedom of Speech And Internet Censorship in South America

The very first two articles of the chain on freedom of expression as well as the web in Latin America objective at supplying 1) fundamental circumstance around issues of internet governance, and 2) an in-depth look at mid-level obligation as a mechanism that confines creation and limits the on-line community world. This next and final place plans to provide a comprehensive and comparatively short review of various modes by which on-line free-speech is limited in Latin America against the aim of determining additional needed study and opportunities for policy change. After reviewing the various mechanisms through which on-line language is now limited in Latin America I will even just take a fast look at arguments for the right to privacy, anonymity, and worldwide use of the web.

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